Why Your Cardio Workout Plan Doesn’t Have to Include Running

Let’s face it, most people hate running.
In military bootcamp, when you get in trouble, what do you have to do?  Run.  Growing up in school, what did you hate to do in PE class?  Run.  On a sports team, what happens if you make too many mistakes in practice or in a game?  Run.
To most people, running sucks.
And here’s the rub, most people think running sucks, but they also know that they need to be doing a good cardio workout plan.  They know that cardio can help lose bodyfat, improve your health and vitality, and help keep many diseases at bay.
So, the benefits of running = good.  The running itself = sucks.
Hmmmm.  What to do?
Easy – just do other stuff instead of running.
All running does is get you breathing heavy.  There is nothing magical about running itself.  In fact, running – especially if you do it for long distances on pavement – can be hard on the body.  The joints have to absorb a lot of impact, possibly causing long-term damage (if you put enough miles in) to the knees, ankles, and hips.  Too many steps over the long haul are like too much of anything – bad.  And the repeated pounding can cause you to even get bone bruises in the heels of your feet.
So, why not find other activities that get your breathing heavy instead of just running?
This can be practicing sports, playing games, doing calisthenics, or plain old manual labor.
Focus on getting yourself breathing heavyPsychology Articles, and you’ll get the cardio benefits you’re looking for.

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