Avoiding Plateauing in Working Out Will Keep You on Task

We look closer at the importance of variety in any workout program to keep your body from getting to comfortable. Power Half Hour is an example of a workout that relies on variety to create results faster.

Anyone that has ever undertaken the effort to get into shape will tell you that you actually have to know you are improving or you won’t see it through.

I talked recently about how burning out is the number 1 enemy of getting into, and staying in shape. The surprising fact is that burn out is actually a by-product not of physical fatigue, but mental weariness.

A person becomes mentally frayed and loses heart for the effort and time you need to expend, because they aren’t seeing any point in it anymore.  When you lose heart, you are done.

A good workout plan must always account for the user wanting to see measureable improvement in both appearance and ability in return for the effort. The rule on this is: the sooner the better.

Exercise science tells us that workouts need to challenge the participants in varied ways to avoid the negative consequences of plateauing.

Plateauing is basically when your body adapts to the workout regimen and positive change ceases. We know that the body thrives on change and structure.

Muscle confusion through a variety of workouts challenging the whole body in a variety of ways was the dominant concept of the awesomely successful home workout program P90X.

Power Half Hour is from the P90X family and like P90X, uses a variety spread out over 5 DVDs. Each DVD holds one 30 minute workout that attacks areas of fitness with intensity and focus.

Power Half Hour is a 60 day program that comes at you with so much variation, your body is just off balance enough to never plateau.

When you avoid the plateauing you are promoting growth and improvement faster. People who have done Power Half Hour have noted that the 30 minute workout is a perfect amount of time. Still, they say the thing that stands out is you always see noticeable change and improvement throughout the structure of the workout cycle.

This inspires the user to keep pressing play and keeping getting better.

Within the workouts themselves, not one second or move is wasted. Users noted that you will come away from the experienced more alert and refreshed.

The impact level of Power Half Hour is a notch below P90XPsychology Articles, but still far above many home workouts.  You will have the opportunity to use the principles of muscle confusion to avert the plateau effect to recreate your body in about 8 weeks.

Power Half Hour also comes with a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied with how you are progressing.

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