Some Exercises To Help Ballet Dancers to Be In Their Best Physique

As a ballet dancer, you have a lot of catching up to do with your fitness and trainings. Don’t you know that you don’t learn everything about fitness in your ballet classes? That’s why outside classes, you need to develop flexibility, strength and endurance in your free time or else see your body suffer while dancing.

As a ballet dancer, it is your responsibility to maintain your body to be in top form for dance. You can develop your body, especially your muscles, to become strong and flexible through certain types of exercises. What are these types of exercises?

Doing low impact cardio exercises every week can greatly benefit ballet dancers who are struggling to endure the regimens of ballet training. Some cardio exercises include riding a stationary bike, swimming, brisk walking and other aerobic exercises. Here are some of the benefits of cardio training:

·         It improves the condition of your heart. Like all parts and organs of your body, you also need to exercise your heart to avoid negative health effects including heart disease and some cancers.

·         It improves your lung capacity and your overall cardiovascular health.

·         It increases your metabolism.

·         It improves your body’s recovery time.

·         It helps release certain hormones that help relieve depression and fatigue.

·         It helps decrease weight. Dancers need to reduce weight to be able to dance on toes.

·         It increases bone density. Ballet dancers need strong bones to be able to dance en pointe and do the splits.


Before going into your class or performance, you are advised to stretch. Why is this so? Because stretching is part of every dancer’s fitness routine, and it is only through stretching that you can improve your flexibility and increase your joints’ range of motion. How can youlearn the splits if you don’t have flexible muscles at your feet and legs? Aside from that, what are the other benefits of stretching?

·         It helps you perform skilled movements without pain.

·         It conditions your muscles and joints to help prevent muscle injuries, hasten healing time and improve your posture and physical performance

·         It loosens up tight and sore muscles aside from elongating them for increased flexibility.

·         It enhances muscular coordination.

·         It increases blood flow to all parts of your body.

Core Training

Do you have strong core muscles? If you don’t, how can you dance ballet? But what are core muscles anyway? Should you take up core stability training?

Core muscles are the muscles deep within your torso and are attached to your spine, pelvis and the other muscles that support the scapula. Your core muscles are where your movements come from. These muscles are the foundation of your movement. They keep your body balanced and stable as you dance, perform dance steps and do other activities like sitting on a chair and carrying bags of groceries.

Ballet is a physically demanding activity, full of complex dance movements. So to perform these dance movements, you need strong core muscles aside from having a flexible body. Strong core muscles help your perform coordinated movements without pain. To develop strength in your core muscles, you need to undergo core training.

The benefits of core stability training include:

·         It helps improve your performance in dances and sports.

·         It helps cut your risks for injuries.

·         It provides you better functional capacity for physical movement.

·         It corrects your posture and balance.

These exercises are beneficial to help you carry out difficult ballet steps like dancing en pointe and how to learn the splits. You should dance ballet in perfect formArticle Submission, so you need to be in your best physique while dancing.

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